NEW Service – Audits of new urban districts

We are official qualified to execute audits for new urban districts under the DGNB System.

The scheme ‘new urban districts’ complies with the basic DGNB philosophy and takes the following fields into account: Environmental Quality, Economic Quality, Sociocultural and Functional Quality, Technical Quality, and Process Quality.

(Source: Homepage DGNB)


Strategy definition

Observation of the current situation and preparation of an extensive SWOT-Analyse. Compilation of possible development and utilization scenarios. Objective derivation and strategy development.

Site analysis, evaluation and development

Site assessment and evaluation of site-related factors based on project requirements. Rating by use-value-analysis.

Stakeholder analysis and management

Evaluation and classification of all relevant stakeholder groups. Detailed guidelines for the stakeholder management.

Master Plan  

Integral handling of all topics including spatial planning, traffic planning, architecture, urban planning, engineering, economy and procedures as well as proposals for project organisation, communication, and risk management.

The master plan contains concept drafts, a detailed road map, capex plan and guidelines for the project implementation.



Solution-driven targets are determined in close collaboration with our clients. We act as interface between stakeholders throughout all project stages. In challenging projects phases we take over process and conflict management.

Project Management

Evaluation and definition of the best-suited project setup. Tailor-made project management tools and efficient interface coordination.

Service provision as external project office or fulfilment of ad interim positions throughout all project phases.


We happily share our expertise in architectural and urban design competitions as well as in bid evaluations and RFQ processes.